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Jonny Be Good

So there is this new album out now that you can download for any price and that money goes to supporting the recovery of one of New Zealand’s coolest music makers, Jono Wilson. He was in a major car accident late last year and ended up with a serious brain injury however his recovery has already been impressing his doctors yet there is still a long road to go down. So here some of the stories behind the album and those involved including Nathan King, Luke Oram and Lydia Cole.

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Tear Fund Poverty Cycle - Team Rhema


Rhema Media are stoked to be involved with TEAR Fund's Poverty Cycle and have our own team who are ready and rearing to go.

We love that so many people behind our brands want to ride to fight human trafficking.

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From left to right:
Cathy Jenke (Southern Star), Nerida Ashcroft (Rhema), Geoff Gummer (Rhema Media), Diane Davenport (Shine TV), George Penk (Rhema), Bjorn Brickell (Life FM)

The Poverty Cycle is all about fighting human trafficking and we'd love for you to sponsor us.

You can do that here.




'Ask Chris' Being Developed into TV Series

Chris Hight, Senior Therapist & Team Leader for the e-counselling service Ask Chris, chats about its new spin-off television series.


Songs for the Road

Friend of the show Malcolm Gordon has compiled an album called Songs for the Road, featuring songs and performances from a wide variety of young musicians and song writers from all over New Zealand.

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The 'Jonny Be Good' Project

Luke Oram from Parachute Music talks about the new album 'Jonny Be Good' - a combined effort by Kiwi artists to raise funds to help fellow musician Jono Wilson get back on his feet.


Download the album here.


Little Girl Sings to Win 'Disney on Ice' Tickets

8-year-old Jemima sang a song from 'Frozen' on her birthday to win tickets for Disney on Ice. What a cutie!


Life FM's Clinton Randell stars in 'The Kick'

Clinton Randell plays Richard Kahui in the telemovie The Kick, a movie that follows the life of All Black Stephen Donald, Leanne and Nerida ask him what it was like to wear the AB's shirt and how hard he had to train for the part.



Tim Wilson chats about Media Prayer Day

Media Prayer Day is Sunday the 10th August, Luke Weston catches up with TVNZ producer and journalist Time Wilson and asks him what he would like prayer for.



Si Barnett talks about his faith

This Sunday it’s Media Prayer Day. Hundreds of churches throughout the country will take a few minutes of their Sunday service to pray for those working in NZ’s mass media. George and Andrew chat with legendary NZ broadcaster Simon Barnett about how his faith affects his role in the media.

 For more on Media Prayer Day click here


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