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Scary Fairy-tales
An overseas study has found that parents are ditching traditional fairy-tales because they are too scary for their young children.

2,000 adults were surveyed ahead of a new American TV drama based on fairy-tales; and it showed one in five parents, or 20%, had stopped reading old classics like “Cinderella” to their children.
They gave a whole list of reasons, such as that the stories triggered awkward questions, condoned bad behaviour; or contained outdated stereotypes and values.

President of the Early Childhood Council, Maria Johnson, about the situation. 

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National Policy Requirement for Bullying 
Ombudsman David McGee is recommending a "national policy requirement" for bullying in schools after investigating the 2007 sex attacks at Hutt Valley High School.

New Zealand Trustees Association president Lorraine Kerr says one universal programme across the board would be a good strategy, and that most schools have their anti-bullying programmes.

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Crafar Farms
The High Court judge, who told government ministers to rethink their decision on the Crafar farms, has suggested any benefits of the successful bid might have been exaggerated.

Ministers Maurice Williamson and Jonathon Coleman had approved the sale of the 16 dairy farms to Milk NZ Holdings Ltd, owned by HongKong-based Shanghai Pengxin.

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From Assist News - Dan Wooding
Dan talks about an extraordinary miracle that took place in Ethiopia that sounds a lot like the stories recorded in the Book of Acts.


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Antony Paltridge discuses the Queen's Jubilee that's taken place recently, and how some Christians are celebrating and what we can do as well.


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