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The Prime Minister says it's impractical of expect private shareholders in the big energy companies to be bound by Treaty of Waitangi obligations.

He denies the Government's walking away from its Treaty commitments, but the Maori Party is threatening to walk from it's arrangement with John Key's government, if they can't agree on the issue.

Māori Academic, Rawiri Taonui, Adjunct Professor of Indigenous Studies at Auckland University of Technology shares his view below.


Robert Patman on Syria
A UN Security Council resolution demanding that Syria’s president step down is likely to be defeated by Russia, which says it will veto the suggestion.

President Assad of Syria is ruthlessly clinging on to power despite the efforts of rebel groups, with more than 5,000 people killed.

The Arab League is behind the resolution, which is supported by the US and Europe, but Russia seems unlikely to back down.

Professor Robert Patman from Otago University disusses the issue below.





Dan Wooding - Assist News
Dan discusses Pope Benedict wanting to go to Cuba to clean up relations with the church.



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Darren Ward - CBM 
Darren talks about his wedding anniversary of 19 years and how times have changed in this space of time.



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