Weekends National More shakes for Canterbury, and more to come says GNS
Saturday, 07 January 2012 09:38

More shakes for Canterbury, and more to come says GNS

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Christchurch has endured another 24 hours of significant aftershocks.

The strongest measured magnitude 5.2 quake at 1.21am this morning, according to GNS Science.

There was another, smaller magnitude 3.9 quake at 1.25am.

at a depth 15km for the stronger shake and 8km for the latter one.

Two more shocks followed between 5am and 5.30am.

At a special meeting called by Mayor Bob Parker yesterday, GNS scientist Dr Kelvin Berryman warned that aftershocks could continue for the next 30 years, though the chance of a large quake near the city is beginning to recede.

Meanwhile a trauma counsellor says Cantabrians will be shocked to learn they're in the midst of 30 years of earthquakes.

Chris Hight says families need to get together and talk about their fears, how they're coping, and what they need.

She says it's important people have a safe place to be a mess.

Chris Hight says people who are struggling to cope need to be reminded they've come through some horrific stuff in the past 18 months, and can keep going.

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